Tuesday, September 14, 2010

David Wolfe International Speaker

I personally met David Wolfe at a lecture in Vancouver,
BC on August 21, 2010. He is one of our major Raw Food
Guru's on the planet and has been traveling the world for
over 17 years to spread the word regarding raw foods,
super foods, how electricity affects the body and many, many other realms of super health. David has a PhD in nutrition and both of his parents are physicians. He has written over 10 books and has 350 videos on YouTube.

Please check out his website at www.davidwolfe.com and www.thebestdayever.com. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of health and lives his life with ease, grace and flow. David discussed the many health benefits of spring water and strongly recommended it as it has the least amount of toxins, pesticides and carcinogens. He is a strong advocate of grounding pads and zappers which affects how electricity runs in the body and their healing powers. The body is like a battery, we must be grounded with the earth to be balanced and stable. He recommends we 'get connected to the earth like mother to a baby'. The earth is negatively charged and the atmosphere is positively charged. Meditation or yoga is should be done directly on the earth, not in a building higher than the ground level. When people live and work above ground they are toxic, parasitic, diseased and have a 40% higher risk of a having a heart attack. One way to combat this is to have a grounding universal desk mat, barefoot bed pad or bracelet that balances the body's energy. I personally ordered a desk mat from www.barefootconnections.com for $60 although David recommends www.earthingyou.com for more products. I also purchased a power balance bracelet from Golf Town (of all places) for $40. Their website is www.powerbalance.com and I also highly recommend this bracelet. It has a magnetic hologram for balance, strength and flexibility.

He says the most toxic areas of the body are the mouth, the waist down and especially the knees down and luckily for me one of the solutions is massage as it liberates the body's energy. David believes that disease is from calcification like barnacles on shells from the ocean. Calcium eats protein and is the major cause for cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis. He feels that cancer cells cannot breath and it's a disturbance in respiration, they are susceptible to oxidization and cancer cells cuts off food and oxygen.

David personally knows a scientist by the name of James Sheridan who has been studying cancer for 60 years and has cured 80% of cancers, he injects cancer cells into mice. He is proud to report that he lets go all of the mice that he cured. He actually invented a 'cure' for cancer (remember, the FDA stipulates that only a drug or medical treatment can be a cure or we could go to jail) so his 'cure' that is recommended is called 'Protocel' that you can even purchase at Vitamin Depot. It's the highest form of antioxidant and is in a liquid form that you take 4-5 times per day. He also recommends green juices, spring water, coconut water and pink periwinkle. David also recommends lemon and citrus peel, passion flower, cauliflower, broccoli, wild oats and of course chocolate. David even has a chocolate factory in San Francisco.

He also spoke about many, many other topics as well. How live, whole organic foods heal the body and how toxicity, pesticides, herbicides, GMO's, and chemicals damage all areas of the body. He is extremely intelligent, informative, and is a wonderful human being contributing to conscious living and helping the environment strive.

He feels Success is a refined study of the obvious. Success leaves clues...

Teri Arnold

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